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Bride & Groom
Berkley, Feb 2004, 22.95, 279 pp. ISBN: 0425194124 Now that Cambridge, Massachusetts veterinarian Steve Delaney's divorce is final, he is able to marry the woman he really loves Holly Winters. She is a dog trainer; a columnist for Dog's Life and the author of her first book 101 WAYS TO COOK LIVER. Her friend, veterinarian and fellow author Mac McLoud is sharing book signings with her. Between getting ready for the wedding and doing her best to...
The Dogfather
Berkley, Feb 2003, 22.95, 272 pp. ISBN 0425188388 In her not so distant past, Holly Winter, dog lover and owner of two Alaskan malamutes did something that brought her to the attention of mob boss Enzio Guarini concerning his hated son-in-law. Although she never intended to have anything to do with him again, she is virtually kidnapped by his overzealous employees while walking the dogs. The ride gets off to a bad start when the dogs eat Enzio's...
The Wicked Flea: a Dog Lover's Mystery
Berkley, March 2002, 21.95, 304 pp. ISBN 0425183343 Holly Winter, proud owner of two beloved malamutes Kimi and Rowdy, is going through some hard times. She is recovering from a case of amnesia and related neurological problems, while trying to adjust to the fact that her long time lover and vet, Steve Delaney, married somebody else. To add injury to insult, Steve's wife is somebody Kelly absolutely despises for good reasons. To get ...