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What Katy Did
Twelve year old Katy Carr is the oldest of six children. Cared for by their Doctor father and Aunt Izzie, the Carr children are impulsive and outgoing, liking rowdy play and imaginative games. Disobeying her Aunt's order not to use the family's new swing, Katy suffers serious consequences when the swing breaks and she falls. Katy is paralyzed by her accident and forced to spend four years confined to her room. Over the course of these four years, Katy...
What Katy Did At School
This is the sequel to “What Katy Did”. Now recovered from her long paralysis, Katy Carr and her sister Clover are sent to Hillsover boarding school with their snobby cousin, Lilly Page, for one year. The girls make friends with a number of fellow borders at the school, and particularly with the mischievous Rosamond Redding (Rose Red). Together, Katy, Clover and Rose get into “scrapes”, start a secret sorority, and suffer through the rather extreme dis...
What Katy Did Next
In this third and final installment of the “Katy Did” series, Katy Carr befriends a local Burnett woman, Mrs. Ashe, and her young daughter Amy, who invite Katy to accompany them on their European tour. Katy, Mrs. Ashe and Amy travel overseas to Scotland, England, France and Italy before Amy suddenly falls ill with a severe fever. As Amy struggles for life, Katy and Mrs. Ashe struggle to care for her in unfamiliar surrounding, with the help of Mrs. As...