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He Loves Lucy
Lucy Cummingham, a marketing executive, is going to promote the Palm Fitness Club by using it in a reality show. An out-of-shape person at the hands on the Palm Club's top trainer will be turned from a fat slob to a leaner and healthier body. There will be a lot of publicity as well as money for the trainer and the former slob for every pound the slob manages to lose. Lucy gets picked to be the fat slob. Her trainer is Theo Redmond, who is doing th...
Knock Me off My Feet
St. Martin's, Dec 2002 ISBN: 0312983743 Autumn “Audie” Adams inherited the Homey Helen persona from her mother, who was the Martha Stewart of Chicago. However, Audie and her staff become alarmed when she begins receiving threatening notes from her top fan as well sick presents like dead roses. Violet Crimes Detective Stacey Quinn and his partner Stanley Oleskiewicz are assigned to investigate. Stacy initially believes that Audie made the who...
Public Displays of Affection
St. Martin's, Jun 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312992327 Raising her two preadolescent children by herself, Charlotte Tasker has been a widow for nineteen months. She loved her late spouse Kurt, but has never forgotten her tryst near National Airport with a stranger in which she lost her virginity and had the best sex of her life. Following the murder of his partner and his partner's family, DEA Agent Joe Bellacera is told to lay low until the ...
Take a Chance on Me
St. Martin's, Aug 2003, 6.50, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312983751 In Baltimore, Thomas Tobin inherited the six pound canine Hairy when the dog's owner was murdered. Feeling a bit of guilt, as the victim was his informant, Thomas takes in the furball, but has no idea how to care for the creature. However, he notices how Hairy becomes frightened whenever he sees a blender so he wonder is perhaps the dog has associated that kitchen gadget with the homicide. ...

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