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Letters For Sarah
"Letters For Sarah" tells two stories. One is about an eight year old girl named Sarah, who lives in rural Idaho, and faces unimaginable child abuse and neglect. The other story is about a wealthy 16 year old girl from Seattle, who falls in love with her father's enemy and has to face the consequences. The lives of the two girls come together when Sarah (just after her 18th birthday) finds a music box full of old letters. The discovery changes her l...
In this novel, Susan Kay reimagines Gaston Leroux's famous novel "The Phantom of the Opera" in greater depth and detail. "Phantom" begins with a young widow giving birth to her only child. The child's face is severly deformed, and despite the signs of genius he shows from his early days, she cannot bring herself to love him. The child, Erik's, childhood is spent longing for the love of a mother whose only gift to him was a mask. Eventually Erik runs ...