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Angel Of Destruction
Roc, Oct 2001, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN 0451458494 The Langsarik fleet was powerful, trustworthy, and cemented in their loyalty to one another, making it very difficult for the Judiciary to hunt them down. The Langsarik were pirates whose own home planet refused to recognize them so eventually their leader, Walton Agnes negotiated with Garol Vogel to seek decent terms of surrender. The five thousands members of the Langsarik fleet were put ...
Exchange of Hostages
Andrej Koscuisko becomes a doctor so that he can heal and help people. His father forces him to train as a Ship's Surgeon, where one of his duties will be to conduct Inquisitions, or a series of levels of torture to be applied to suspected criminals which will force them to confess to their crimes. A very intense, difficult read, but Andrej is so sympathetic--moving from compassion to monster--that it is also a very worthwhile book....