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Act Of God
Warner, Apr 2002, 24.95, 530 pp. ISBN: 0446524514 For over five decades the Family Services Center have provided health service to many of Seattle's unwanted or poor. However, someone takes exception to the facility providing abortion services among its medical practices and sets a bomb to destroy “Hill House” as the locals call the place resulting in over two hundred dead or severely injured. The city is shocked to its basic core especiall...
Behind Closed Doors
Warner, August 2004, 25.95, 465 pp. ISBN 0446530281 In 1955, while visiting her sister in Boston, Valerie O'Connor met and fell in love with Jack Marsh, the friend of her brother in law's brother. They saw each other every day until she returned home to her parents in Portland; Jack followed. Shortly there after he asked her parents for their permission to marry Valerie and although they had some doubts about the man's character, they gave thei...