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Hickory Dickory Stalk
E.J. Pugh returns for her second murder mystery, in which her family is threatened by an obsessive stalker. First, E.J.'s five-year-old daughter Megan eats a Hershey's Kiss laced with glass found in their backyard, and the new family living in the murdered Lester family's house are far from normal: Aurthur and Ginger McLemore, and their young son Connor are a 'Stepford' kind of family; their teenage son Brad is the opposite, rebelling in both appear...
Home Again, Home Again
Willis Pugh is about to turn 40, and is feeling the twinges of a mid-life crisis, when during a family camping trip, he knows what he must do: climb Enchanted Rock! A month later finds Willis and his business partner Doug Kingsley, off to make the climb, but only Doug returns, once again casting Willis' wife E.J. as amateur detective. She finds his broken down VW Karman Ghia on the highway between home and Enchanted Rock, but where is Willis? ...
Lying Wonders
Milt Kovac, Sheriff of Prophesy County, Oklahoma, is called upon by an old lover to investigate the disappearance of her teenage son. Milt has intentionally had no contact with Lora, the old flame, in years as she manipulated him into a love affair years before to cover up a series of murders her husband was committing in Milt's jurisdiction. Being first and foremost a lawman of the greatest integrity, Milt starts to investgate. He learns early on that ...
One, Two, What Did Daddy Do?
E.J. Pugh, wife and mother of two and mildly successful romance novelist begins her career as an amateur sleuth when her friends and neighbors, the Lesters, are late for carpool. She enters their home to dicover most of the Lester family has been brutally murdered at the hands of the family patriarch, Roy Lester, who apparently took his own life afterwards. The only survivor is four year old Bessie, whom E.J. Takes custody of. E.J. knows Roy w...

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