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The Belles of Solace Glen
Berkley, July 2004, 6.50, 304 pp. ISBN 0425197131 When Flip Baxter was eighteen years old, a drunk driver killed her parents leaving her alone since she had no living family left. Many of the women of Solace Glen “adopted” Flip and guided her into adulthood; she regards them as her “mothers”. Over twenty years later, Flip never left Maryland and runs her own cleaning service. One of her clients Leonora Bell suffers a heart attack; she asks Fl...
The Siren of Solace Glen
Berkley, April 2005, 308 pp. ISBN 0425202003 In the small Maryland town of Solace Glen, life looks good for Flip. Her cleaning business is doing so well that she needs to hire another person just to keep up with requests and she is engaged to marry the love of her life, the town lawyer Tom. All she wants is for her fiancée is to set a wedding date which he keeps postponing using the completion of their new house as an excuse. Trouble arises ...