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Five O'Clock Shadow
Five O Clock Shadow Poisoned Pen, Feb 2004, 24.95, 272 pp. ISBN 1590581040 She is married five days and is honeymooning in Albuquerque so her husband can ride in a hot air balloon. While he is in the air, Pauly Caton is distracted taking photographs so it takes her a moment to comprehend that the noise she hears is the balloon losing air and dropping quickly. When she reaches the crash site, she sees the pilot and her spouse are dead. Things t...
Flash Flood
Poisoned Pen Press, Dec 2002, 4.95, 308 pp. ISBN 1590580478 Bill Roland Eklund, the owner of the Double Horseshoe Ranch in Tatum, New Mexico lost three heads of cattle over a three-month period. He has filed claims worth over $600,000 with United Life and Casualty but before they remit such a huge some of money, they want to make sure there is no fraud involved so they dispatch Dan Mahoney to find out what is going on at the reach. Before he ...