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Sweetheart, Indiana
Berkley, Aug 2004 ISBN: 0425197794 Three years ago Sam Law fled his Manhattan practice because he detested the lack of morality in the legal system. His fiancé ended their relationship refusing to accompany him as he opened a practice in his hometown, Sweetheart, Indiana. However, upper crust Manhattan is coming to his town as socialite Gillian Charles needs to take up residence for six months to inherit her grandfather's “last gift”, which inc...
The Golden Raintree
Christine Brick and James Warren grew up together in a small midwestern town. As young adults, they begin to fall in love and dream of a future together. But World War I breaks out and James decides to enlist in the army. Missing him terribly and wanting to help him and the other soldiers, Christine follows him and enlists as a nurse in the Red Cross. James and Christine finally reunite on the battlefields of France but the war has changed both of them. ...