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Deep Water
SV Date Putnam, Oct 2001, 23.95, 240 pp. ISBN: 0399148159 Serenity, Florida seems to live up to its name as it provides a wonderful planned community in the midst of the colossal Whipple Kingdom. Nearby is the company owned theme park and zoo, making Serenity a perfect place for retirement or raising a family. However, beneath the surface of Shangri-La resides a radically different environment. Everything short of breathing is centra...
A key vote coming up soon for the Florida legislature will determine whether individuals can sue big tobacco companies. The Sunshine State power brokers from lobbyists to concerned citizens to CEOs merge in Tallahassee to twist the arms of the politicians. Especially concerned about the state bill is Bartholomew Simons, CEO of tobacco giant Roper-Joyner Holdings (RJH). He wants the bill killed and tosses money around to ensure it happens. B...