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Children of the Star
Noren, who has grown up in a primitive society, embarks on a journey of protest against the Scholars and Technicians who oppress his people by restricting their access to knowledge and technology. He is condemmed by his fellow villagers and convicted of heresy for his ideas. Noren is determinded to discover the truth at any personal cost, but is unaware of what this will mean for him....
Enchantress from the Stars
New hardcover edition of 1971 Newbery Honor book, published by Walker, 2001. ISBN 0802787649. To Georyn, the woodcutter's son hoping to rid his world of a fearsome dragon, the mysterious girl Elana is an enchantress with magical powers. To Jarel, junior medical officer of an interstellar expedition planning to colonize Georyn's world, she is even less comprehensible. But in reality, Elana is just an inexperienced student who has involved herself in her ...