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The Bell Jar (Biography)
Esther seizes a great opportunity to travel to New York and work on a magazine, only to find the night life and social obligations to be more than she desires. She struggles with trying to fit in with everyone else in terms of men and work, but ultimately finds herself wishing to be anywhere else. When faced with marriage, she fights to find a way out of that as well. Ultimately, she finds herself finally struggling with a mental illness, which includes...
The Bell Jar (Literature)
Esther Greenwood begins her narration in New York City, where she is staying in a hotel with other girls who, like her, have won an internship there. There, she begins to have feelings of self-doubt. She no longer knows what she wants to do with her life. She comes home disappointed with her experiences in New York. Her one hope when she comes home, that she will be accepted for a summer writing class with a famous author, is ruined when she returns ...