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A data miner, Jasmine Reese works for a large company. She is a natural, which means she can use Net way better than most other people. One day her equipment breaks and she has to wait for it to be repaired and only then she notices the real world with people who are not able to use the Net and she also gets a warning that the Beast is watching her. Intrigued and scared, she decides to find out what the Beast is....
The Changeling Plague
Roc, Feb 2003, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN 0451459105 A scientist working on a project to eradicate hemophilia inadvertently releases the virus that causes Mahn's disease. The global wide pandemic propels the world's powers to sign the Beijing Treaty of 2013, banning any work on viral engineering. Geoffrey Allen, a young very wealthy man dying of cystic fibrosis buys a viral engineered therapy illegally from a reputable scientist for a large of money....