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One on One
Deanie Gauthier is a troubled teenager, who smokes dope and shaves her head. Her family life is troubled, to say the least, as she lives with her irresponsible mother and her mother's abusive boyfriend. Most people at school thinks she's really weird and maybe even scary. But the one thing they all admire her for is her ability to play basketball. It's as captain of her high school's women's basketball team that Deanie gets to know Sam Styles, a st...
Pearl Dickenson has been working as a librarian. But when she inherits a house in a small town in Maine, she abandons her career. In Nodd's Ridge, she'll take over the downtown diner. At first, the people of the town mostly gossip about her (she's one of the only black people in town), but over time they come to love her not just for her fried chicken but her big heart. Eventually, she starts romances with two very different men. Reuben Styles is th...
Kissy Mellors, a beautiful photography student, is driving through her campus one night when two girls leaving a party stagger into the street in front of her. She stops just in time, but as the girls reel away from her, they are struck by the speeding drunk driver behind Kissy, a premed student named James Houston. One girl is killed instantly and the other, Ruth Prashker, enters a coma from which she never recovers. Through this horrific accident...
The Trap
Olivia and her husband Pat are having marital problems. Pat wants Olivia to move to the big city where he can become the screenwriter he's always wanted to be. Olivia wants to remain in the small town where there summer house is because that is where she is most comfortable and has the perfect setup for her art. She decides to go, with her son, in the winter when it's covered in snow. Three rednecks that live in that area go on the hunt for anything that...

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