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China Doll
Nola Sands, an American charismatic singing star is sent as a goodwill ambassador on a concert tour to China to bring joy to her masses of fans. Suddenly, her journey becomes anything but routine, when a desperate young Chinese mother thrusts her baby girl into Nola's arms and disappears. Nola's pampered world is turned upside down when she learns that the sweet, smiling infant she names Lulu will be condemned to almost-certain starvation and death ...
Jerusalem Maiden
Esther Kaminsky has a strong desire to be an artist, but has been raised to believe that her only purpose in life is to have children. Set in the early 1900's, Esther Kaminksy is a young artist whose teacher, Mlle Thibaux, sees much talent; however, Esther has been raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish home where most images are considered idolatry. So, the question begins, does Esther follow her passion or the rules she'd been taught? What Esther has been...
Puppet Child
When Rachel Belmore's perfect world is shattered one night upon discovering her husband abusing their baby daughter, her ordeal has just begun. The legal system to which she turns for help becomes the enemy in a harrowing struggle to protect her daughter. Soon, in a wrenching race against time, the safety of one child is entangled in the theatrics of family court, bottled-up family dynamics, media frenzy, and the pressure of the political machine. ...