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All the Man I Need
Lana Hargrove has just about everything she wants: a successful business, a nice home, and a man she may marry - though not for love. What she really wants is a new last name, so she can wipe out any connection to her father, a notorious art thief. Things are going well until Justin Larkin starts following her. Justin is a private detective hired by an art gallery to find a stolen artifact. He has been living a double life in order to befriended Lana...
You've Got a Hold On Me
St. Martin's, Feb 2004, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312987293 Though wealthy with no need to work, California State Assistant DA Amelia Farrow works very hard to insure that no one will ever accuse her of riding on her illustrious father's judicial coat tails. In court she is professional, always ready, and does a superior job representing the state except when defense attorney George Gibson is her opponent. After their latest amateurish debacle ann...