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Candle Bay
Twentysomething Amanda Pierce is starting her job as concierge at an exclusive resort on the California coast. What she doesn't know is that the owners are a family of vampires and that a mafia style war is brewing with a rival family. The author has created a hierarchy of villans-from the merely obnoxious to the downright repulsive. ...
Eve was the typical cheerleader. She was beautiful and energetic. During one of her cheerleading camps, while she was in high school, she and two of her friends, Merilynn and Sam, went across a lake to a forbidden island out in the middle of the lake. This island was type of a mountian that was once in the center of a city that was flooded just below it. They found a cave and were chased off by some sort of creature with green eyes. Eve never forgot that...
Merilynn attended a cheerleading camp in high school and an adventure she would never forget. She was always capable of seeing into the future and casting spells. She went out late one night with a couple of friends to explore a lake that flooded the small town that once exsisted there. It was said that on special occasions you could witness the lights coming on at the bottom of the lake and see the stained glass window from the small town church. A soro...
Samantha Penrose is a sorority sister in the Gamma Eta Pi mansion. Her Gamma sister and friend named Eve has committed suicide. Her other Gamma sister and friend named Merilynn has just disappeared. Samantha knows the legend of the girl who drowned and now haunts the city at the bottom of the lake near the mansion. This ghost has come to her to help her find the secret of the beautiful head of the Sorority, Malory. Samantha's grandmother passed on her ab...

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