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Once A Pirate
Daniel Tremayne, the Earl of Leighton, searches for & finds the female pirate he believes killed one of his captains & many of his crew. To keep her family & village from starvation, Morgan transformed herself into a lady pirate & has a reputation for being cruel & heartless. Now he isn't quite so sure she is responsible for the crimes. She claims she is innocent of murder, although she does admit robbing his ship. Could she be telling the truth? He want...
Once an Angel
After their parents and younger brother were killed in the Seven Years War, and their English village attacked, Grace Fisk and her older sisters, Morgan and Joanna, turned to pirating. But things have since quieted down. Morgan and Jo have both married noblemen. Grace, who longs for security, is sailing to the Massachusetts Colony to be married. Although she does not love her fiance, Grace knows he can give her the life she has always longed for. But the...