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Dare is a gargoyle with major problems. Dare is a gargoyle who was born 800 years ago and forced to suffer a tragic past. Taken hostage by an age-old enemy (Harpies), Dare lost his bat-like wings and ‘barbs' used to fight and mark the ones they love. Now awaked from an 800 year frozen state, Dare and his gargoyle brothers live with their friend Mackenzie to help them navigate a greatly changed world. Dare, still suffering from tragic memories and feeling...
Reason - Greystone 3
Reason follows the story of an awakened gargoyle whose feelings of loyalty to his gargoyle family conflict with his new feelings for Elaina. Reason, second in command to his newly awakened gargoyle pack, is struggling to adapt to a modern world. With the help of his family and a few human friends the pack is finally somewhat safe from an ancient enemy called harpies (giant flying ugly versions of gargoyles). While physical safety is somewhat assured, Rea...
Valor - Greystone 1
Valor has been imprisoned in his stone gargoyle form for over 800 years and his only hope at surviving in the modern world is a girl who will steal his heart. Valor, a newly awakened gargoyle, has spent the last 800 years awaiting the chance for his and his brothers and cousins to be free. When he and 2 of his brothers are finally reals asked from a stoney prison he realizes that he cannot survive in the 21 century alone. With the help of Mackenzie, the ...