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Deadly Grace
Mira, Dec 2001, 22.95, 480 pp. ISBN: 1551668297 In 1979 Havenwood, Minnesota, a fire kills long time British expatriate Grace Meade. The police believe her daughter Jillian killed her mother. FBI Special Agent Alex Cruz arrives from DC to question Grace about the deaths of her mother and two other British women, who were companions of Grace in the World War II French Resistance. They both died following a visit from Jillian. Alex's interr...
Liar's Market
Mira, Dec 2003, 23.95, 346 pp. ISBN: 0778320081 In the summer of 2001 in Hong Kong her darling tosses Victoria Kim Lee from the terrace of their twenty-eighth floor penthouse. Before leaving he kills her maid and the building's doorman too to insure there are no witnesses. In the spring of 2002 in London, someone assassinates an innocent American student Karen Ann Harmann. The visitor harmed no one, but died in a hail of bullets. In the s...