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Budding Prospects
Felix Nasmith, looking for a deal to make money, and his friends Phil and Gesh are sharecroppers in a huge marijuana farm. They are promised half a million dollars as their share of a total of a million and a half the crop will sell for. Vogelsang, who owns the land and fronts the money, gets half a million, and Boyd Dowst provides the agricultural expertise for half a million. The promised "hunting cabin" turns out to be a shack. The generator that is ...
Riven Rock
This is the novelized story of Stanley McCormack, heir to the McCormack Reaper Co. fortune, and his high society wife Katherine. McCormack suffered from schizophrenia, a family disorder which sent his sister to Riven Rock, a private sanitarium the family built for her care when she became unmanageable. Stanley's own illness first appears when he is a very young man in Paris, doing the Grand Tour common in wealthy families. Although Stanley becomes the...
The Inner Circle
John Milk is a senior in college when he is persuaded to take a marriage course given by Professor Kinsey in order to hear the material given during the discussions on sex. Professor Kinsey, or "Prok" is he becomes known as, is a controversial sex researcher in a time period when any discussion of sex was taboo. He gives extensive interviews, ultimately to thousands of people, in order to code and catalog the human sexual experience. John Milk eventua...
The Tortilla Curtain
Delaney Mossbacher is a wealthy, conscientious liberal on his way to the recycling center when he hits a pedestrian with his car as he's driving in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The man hit is Candido Rincon, a poor, illegal immigrant from Mexico. Feeling guilty, Delaney gives Candido twenty dollars to compensate for his injuries, and the two men go their separate ways. Yet with the accident, Delaney and Candido's lives become woven together for the r...

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