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The Crossing
The novel starts at the beginning of the Russian Revolution with a young man named Josef, a Brit who sides with the Communists. He becomes a spy for them but flees the organisation when he witnesses atrocities committed to non-Communists. He escapes and tries to live an ordinary life - however his wife is murdered and his young son stolen - undoubtedly an act by the Communists. The novel then focuses on different spies within Britain. In particular in l...
The Reckoning
Max Inman is an undercover agent with the SIS. He is responsible for learning information regarding the attitudes of the government and people of East Germany and reporting it back to the SIS. His cover is as a journalist and he is quite successful at his work. His girlfriend, Katys Felinska, is a photo-journalist and extremely beautiful and intelligent. This story is set just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Max's source of information is a KGB off...