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Atria, Jul 2004, 25.00, 464 pp. ISBN: 0743466713 American Ambassador to Italy Stanfield goes out for a late drink after a tryst with his mistress, but is killed by a smart missile that specifically targeted him. Alex Hawke and Dr.Victoria Sweet exchange “I Dos” when a sniper kills the bride. In Saudi Arabia, American Ambassador Butch McGuire drops dead from having his internal organs fried. Secretary of State Consuelo de Los Reyes asks the g...
Lord Alexander Hawke is a direct descendant of legendary English pirate Blackhawke and highly skilled in the pirate's deadly ways himself. While still a boy, on a voyage to the Caribbean, Hawke witnesses an act of unspeakable horror. He sees his parents brutally murdered by by three modern day pirates. Now, fully grown and one of England's most decorated naval heroes, he's back in the same Caribbean waters. His mission:find a highly experimental stealth ...
A British nobleman-turned-spy is thrust into the middle of a Chinese government plot that might be the first shot fired in World War III. Bill Chase is the world's most inventive military weapons designer. So it was big news when Chase, his wife and two kids disappeared off a Washington D.C. street five years ago. No one knew what had happened, but when a new class of completely automated sub is spotted after it's forced to surface, the Americans suspect...