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Thomas (Tom) Hunter is an early-20's guy who lives in Denver, in an apartment with his sister. He works at a coffeeshop, and has several manuscripts of books he'd like published at home. He also was raised in the Philipines, learned how to defend himself against gangs there, and has borrowed a bunch of money that he has to pay back (which is why he's in Denver--he's running from the lenders). He's found by his lenders, and shot. He wakes up in a blac...
“Obsessed” by Ted Dekker tells a story of Stephen Friedman, a Jewish immigrant and an orphan who had tried to find out who his parents were for a long time and at last gave up. An unexpected letter from a friend and a newspaper article offer help: Stephen discovers that his mother was Rachel Spritzer, a woman who had been through the nightmare of World War II concentration camps, and recently died. Stephen also learns that she was quite wealthy and had s...
The story is about a woman who has a dream that calls her to an unknown jungle, and she attempts to travel there. Julian Carter is a single mother who has a recurring dream of a sweet song being sung in an unknown jungle. She also has a baby boy named Stephen. Despite her family's protestations, Julian decides to take a boat to the jungle near New Guinea. On the way there, the boat sinks, leaving her to fear the worst for her lost child. She awakens t...
Westbow, Jun 2004, 19.99 ISBN: 0849917913 Every time Thomas Hunter falls asleep, he switches realities to and from our world where he failed as an author and a forest realm where he serves as a great military leader to a tribe. He does not even keep the same body as in our reality Thomas is in his mid twenties while in the forest domain he is forty. The common threads between his two “orbs” besides Thomas is both dominions face total destructio...

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