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Dutch II: Angel's Revenge
This books continues the saga of two once good friends who are released from prison after three years, with different agendas on how to take back the streets of Newark. Angel is a hard core lesbian who has waited three long years for the opportunity to take what was hers and extract revenge. Rahman has spent his three years in prison and has plan to rid the streets of drugs by any means neccessary, even if he has to die doing it. As the plot thickens the...
True To The Game
Gena is a nineteen year old girl living in the projects of Philly. Streetwise and beautiful, Gena has learned at a young age to use her natural born talents to acquire the things she needs in life. Gena has learned that money and power are hot commodities in the rough and tumble streets of Philly. Although Gena doesn't work she is able to wear the finest clothes, spend money like its water and party all the time through the men that she dates. W...