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Justifiable Means
Melissa Nelson is determined to get the rapist and stalker who caused his sister's death and put him behind bars. Smart and careful, he had walked away scott-free, and Melissa wants to make sure it doesn't happen this time. She studies criminal justice so that no technicality would let him slip away, then she finds the man and gets a clerical job at the same place where he works. One day, she invites him over and sets him up, having made sure she's got e...
Presumption of Guilt
Beth Sullivan grew un in an abusive children's home where she was involved in a crime ring and trained to be a thief. Brainwashed by Bill Brandon, the home operator, the children break into people's homes and steal. As Beth leaves the home, she decides to speak up and expose Brandon. She changes her name, gets a job at a newspaper and starts working on an article about the children's home. As she gathers information and evidence, Brandon comes after her....
Shadow of Doubt
Stan Shepherd, a police officer in a small town of Newpointe, has terrible stomach pains. His wife Celia is trying to help him with what they think is food poisoning, but things get worse and worse. Celia calls for help, and Stan is rushed to the hospital, where a shocking discovery is made: he has been poisoned with arsenic. Stan survives, but he is in a bad shape. Celia is questioned. At first, all of her friends stand by her, convinced that she cou...

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