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A Love Through Time
A LOVE THROUGH TIME is a time travel romance in which the couple travels back to medieval Scotland. Once there, the hero is mistaken for the heir of the clan and they are forced to masquerade until they discover why they are there and if and how they can return to their own time!...
Once Forbidden
Jove, Mar 2002, 5.99, 309 pp. ISBN: 0515131792 In 1351 Dunnedin, Scotland, Lady Anice MacNab, after a long wait for the return of her betrothed from his exile in England, marries Alesandra “Sandy” McKendimen. On their wedding night her dream turns into a nightmare when her spouse badly beats her. Fearing retaliation from her father and his clan, and appalled by his son's dastardly deed, Laird Straun McKendimen beats his son, disinherits him...
The Norman's Bride
One night during a storm Royce feels a strange urge to go for a walk. While walking, he discovers the badly beaten body of a woman. The woman has been stabbed and beaten and is gravely ill for weeks. Royce cares for the young woman and when she wakes up, the woman has no idea who she is. She decides to call herself Isabel and she feels attracted to her caretaker. Royce begins to care for Isabel but because of the things he has done is his past and who he...