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Beyond Desire
Alexandra's sister, Allegra has been kidnapped and the bracelets her father had secreted away before he died have been stolen by Dzmura. Alexandra refuses to let Ryder Culhane, the man who has haunted her thoughts for the last 2 years, to search for them on his own and offers herself as his prize for taking her along. Ryder feels she will only hold him back and time is of the essence. With his 6th sense he can feel the danger around them. Will ...
Bliss River
Kensington, Jul 2002, 14.00, 384 pp. ISBN: 1575668017 In 1898 Valley, South Africa, while visitor Charles Elliot teaches polo, the leader Moreton Estabrook assigns Georgiana Maitland, daughter of his lover Olivia, to have sex with the guest. Georgiana sees this as an opportunity to escape the promiscuous valley that she hates and join her father in England even if she has not seen or heard from him in almost two decades. However, though she is...
This "romance" was disgusting. The heroine was a sex maniac. The leading man was a uncaring bang em an leave em kind of guy. There was no plot that I could figure out. I got so tired with the sex. Every page had sex and more sex. There were no tender moments in this book, I give this book a definite thumbs down....
Kensington, Nov 2004, 14.00 ISBN: 0758204035 In 1897 London, the popular Tony Venable is expected to become the next Prime Minister as he offers sweeping changes that excite the people. Two days later Tony is dead with a fishhook engraved on his chest. In Bullhead Manor, while he was visiting prostitutes, Kyger Galliard thinks of his beloved Jancie, who married his older brother Lujan; everything changes when an American stranger Angilee Rosa...

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The Forever Kiss
Kensington, Jun 2003, 14.00, 288 pp. ISBN: 0758203993 In 1899 in a South African hospital, Ducas Sangborne lies dying when The Colonel, noticing the uncanny resemblance to mercenary Dar St. Onge, recruits the latter to masquerade as Ducas back in England. The Colonel believes that Dar will easily gain entrance to mysterious Sangborne Manor. He needs to uncover the identity of the traitor that caused the death of many English soldiers on the batt...

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