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An American Tragedy
Clyde Griffiths, the main character in this 1925 Dreiser masterpiece, is the eldest son of poor, street-preaching parents. Throughout his childhood the family is on the move, operating missions and preaching the word of Jesus on the street. When Clyde becomes a teenager, he gets his first close-up look at "society" by working as a bell-hop in an upscale hotel in Kansas City. A tragic accident puts him on the lamb, and he eventually winds up in upstate Ne...
The Financier
Set in eighteenth century Philadelphia, “The Financier” is the story of the early life of Frank Cowperwood, the son of a low level banker who realizes his skill at finances and business. He is able to grow a rather large fortune through stock speculation and purchases of shares in the growing street railway industry. He marries an older woman and has two children. He uses his riches to become socially prominent. Things begin to crumble when he fal...

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