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A Call to Arms
This is the third and, unfortunately, final book in the Steve Wilkinson Dreamer series. Steve has just returned to Quarin after killing Belevairn on Earth. Sadly, he was not in time to stop a tank and several trucks of ammunition from being transported to Quarin. He knows that Earth's techologically advanced weapons will decimate the medieval land. He isn't sure what he can do to help, but he knows that he has to try. Steve fulfills part of the prophecy ...
A Matter of Honor
A Matter of Honor is the sequel to A Two-Edged Sword and continues the adventures of Steve Wilkinson. Steve's spirit was forced out of the alternate reality, Quarin, back into his body on Earth. He tries to convince himself that the whole experience was just a dream, but then he sees a picture of one of the Dread Lords, Belevairn, in a supermarket tabloid. So Steve drops out of college and sets out to discover what Belevairn is up to. His trip takes him ...
A Two-Edged Sword
Steve Wilkinson volunteers to participate in a sleep experiment at his college, but something goes terribly wrong. As his spirit is wandering in the land of dreams, he is called through to another world/dimension by a wizard. In this world, there are the traditional fantasy races: Olvir/elves, Umbrian/humans, etc. The enemy is the Morvir, a country where male children are taken from their homes at age 5 and trained for war. Only the best become officers ...