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Cape Light
Berkley, Mar 2003, 13.95, 359 pp. ISBN: 0425188418 Life in might seem idyllic to Bostonians, living one-hour drive to the small coastal town's south. People know each other and even greet one another as family and friends are important to the residents. Thirtyish Jessica Warwick takes a leave of absence from her Boston banking job to return to her hometown to help her older sister, the village mayor Emily, care for their mother, recovering ...
Cape Light: A New Leaf
Berkley, Jan 2004, 23.95, 341 pp. ISBN: 0425193985 Cape Light, New England resident Molly Willoughby works very hard bringing in income while raising her daughters (fourteen years old Lauren and eleven years old Molly) with no help from her Peter Pan like ex-husband Phil. Instead her family provides as much assistance to her as they can. For instance her sister in law currently watches her children while she cleans the rental for a Dr. Matthew...