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Crotchet Castle
Young, wealthy Mr. Crotchet breaks his engagement to Miss Touchandgo when her father loses all his money. He then pursues Lady Clarinda, who is only interested in him because of his money. She, on the other hand, is pursued by Captain FitzChrome. He is truly in love with her, but he has no fortune. Although she flirts with him, she cannot allow herself to become serious. However money has a way of disappearing, and when Mr. Crotchet loses his fortun...
Nightmare Abbey
The plot of Nightmare Abbey revolves arourd the hero Scythrop Glowry's unwillingness to make up his mind which of two young women he is in love with. His character is modeled on Peacock's friend the Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, who also happened to find himself involved with two women. The plot, however, is only a convenience for Peacock to present a series of dialogues on a variety of themes currrent during the early part of the 19th centu...