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Camp Concentration
There is a war raging on all fronts, and Louis Sachetti is a 35 year old poet who is imprisoned for being a conscientious objector. A few days into his five year sentence, Sachetti is taken against his will to a mysterious subterranean compound. He is told he was chosen for his verbal skills, and is instructed to observe the other inmates in the compound, and to keep journals of all his observations. Soon Sachetti learns that the other inmates are the...
The Prisoner
This book is a recent adaptation of the old TV series, and uses several episodes as its plotlines. A member of the British Intelligence Services decides to "retire", taking with him certain valuable information. Someone doesn't want him doing this, and he is drugged and taken to a place known only as the Village. Unlike the TV version this Village has a train station with tracks, and our hero, now known only as Number Six, tries to walk away. He is h...