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The Black Swan
Widow Rosalie von Tummler and her two children Anna and Eduard live in Dusseldorf, Germany after World War II. Her face and figure make her look years younger than her middle age, with only her graying hair betraying her. Herr von Tummler had been a rake and a scoundrel with women before he passed away. Anna, eighteen-years old, has a clubfoot and is an extremely bright, aspiring artist. Eduard, age six, is tutored in English by a 24-year old America...
The Magic Mountain
Hans Castorp goes to visit his cousin in a TB sanatorium and ends up staying there a long, long time. He becomes embroiled in a struggle for his soul between several men who personify the intellectual currents in Europe before the First World War. He suffers unrequited love for a woman in the sanatorium but his sexuality remains ambiguous....

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