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Blood Money
Jane Whitefield is a "guide" who helps people in trouble disappear; she gives them a new identity and teaches them how to remain hidden. When she is asked to help a man who has taken billions from the mafia, she accepts the case, including the challenge of getting rid of the money....
Death Benefits
Random House, Jan 2001, 24.95, 382 pp. ISBN: 0679453059 In Pasadena, California, insurance agent Ellen Snyder approves the payment of the twelve million-dollar death benefit to an impostor. Not long afterward, Ellen vanishes somewhere between the nearby airport and apparently LA. The impostor has also disappeared. A stunned McClaren Life and Casualty hires private investigator Max Stillman to investigate the fraud. After making inqu...
Shadow Woman
Native American Jane Whitefield has a special talent: when people are in trouble, she spirits them away, and creates new lives for them. Peter Hatcher is one of her cases. A former casino executive, his employers fear that he will blow the whistle on their criminal practices. Jane engineers an escape for him, and sets him up with a new identity. But Peter can't keep hidden, and his former boss hires a team of professional hitmen to kill him. Jane ...