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Our Town
"Our Town" tries to show something of everyday life in the town of Grover's Corners, New Hampshire as it focuses on the growing love between two of its youngsters, George Gibbs and Emily Webb. It begins showing them as high school students, reveals how they first recognized they were in love, shows their marriage, and their ultimate loss when Emily dies in childbirth. ...
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
In 1714 in Peru a famous suspension footbridge spanning a deep gorge near Lima snaps and five peoplefall into the depths below. The story is told from the aftermath of the accident which is witnessed by Brother Juniper, a Franciscan friar. He is haunted by the question: why these five—why now? Is it Fate, is it Destiny? He feels that there must be some underlying explanation for their demise and that he should be able to find it out. The famous quotatio...