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Cadillac Beach
Cadillac Beach, Dorsey's sixth novel, marks the return of Serge A. Storms, the maniacal, Florida-obsessed history-buff, and his pal Lenny,as they open their very own "offbeat" travel-service: Serge & Lenny's, a wild ride through the seamy underside of Miami and Miami Beach. But Serge is also a man on a mission: his multi-pronged plan to solve the mystery of his grandfather's death way back in '65 involves the FBI, the CIA, the Cuban exiles, the Mafia,...
Florida Roadkill
Sean and David are just a couple of guys going on a road-trip/vacation through South Florida. But they're about to be sucked into a wild manhunt for a suitcase containing millions, the profits of a brutal form of insurance fraud, a suitcase which, unbeknownst to them, has been hidden in their Chrysler. The wide array of criminals and degenerates pursuing them is staggering, including: -Serge A. Storms, a manic-depressive, sociopathic spree-killer and...
Hammerhead Ranch Motel
In Tim Dorsey's second book, the sequel to Florida Roadkill, we are reunited with Serge A. Storms, spree killer and Floridaphile, as he continues his search for the suitcase containing $5 million in laundered drug-money. Early in the novel, Serge finally gets his hands on the elusive, silver case but loses it to car thieves, who, in turn, are robbed by a con man, and so on, until the case falls into the hands of drug-lord Zargozsa, alias Harry Fiddleb...
The Stingray Shuffle
In Stingray Shuffle, Dorsey's fifth book, but only fourth chronologically, the author finally wraps-up the storyline begun in Florida Roadkill and continued in Hammerhead Ranch Motel. Serge A. Storms, psycho-killer and history-buff, and his spaced-out partner Lenny are back, still searching for the elusive silver suitcase containing the proceeds of his insurance fraud. After two novels, the suitcase has changed hands eight times and now resides in ...

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Triggerfish Twist
Jim Davenport is an average family man from Indiana, a classic "nice guy" who moves his family down to quaint, suburban Triggerfish Lane in Tampa, Florida to take a job with a consulting firm. But Triggerfish Lane is not the paradise it appears. A local land-grabber is trying to scare away the homeowners by bringing in an assortment of degenerate tenants. Jim, a pacifist to the core, is fired by his firm after he refuses to allow them to change his re...

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