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The Fifth Angel
Warner, Feb 2003, 24.95, 372 pp. ISBN: 0446530859 Though the proof is overwhelming that repeat sex offender Eugene Tupp raped the fifteen year old teen, the New York Judge rules key evidence was illegally obtained by the police and not admissible. Apparently, the search warrant was for Tupp's house and not his garage. Former prosecutor and highly regarded attorney Jack Ruskin is irate that while his daughter lies semi-comatose this animal will...
The First 48
Warner, Feb 2004, 24.95, 318 pp. ISBN: 0446531448 Washington Post investigative reporter Jane Redmond uncovers a very complex abuse and corruption scam that leads back to US Senator Michael Gleason, the same man who destroyed her father Tom. Years ago Tom was a hot shot prosecutor, but powerbroker Gleason smashed his career. Though revenge would be sweet, Jane knows that her story is much more important. However, someone kidnaps Jane while s...
The Fourth Perimeter
Warner, Feb 2002, 24.95, 329 pp. ISBN: 0446527858 When his beloved wife died, Kurt felt much of his life was interred with his cherished spouse. Though he was away from home a lot as expected with his job as a Secret Service agent, with the help of his sister Grace, Kurt raises his son Collin. Now years later, Kurt has left the agency to become a successful CEO while Collin is the family's Secret Service Agent. In Skaneateles Lake, N...