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Out of Nowhere
Reginald Spencer has more enemies than most people have acquaintances. He has been receiving anonymous phone calls. Calls ordering him to do things that are sure to put the final shovel of dirt on his company's grave. However, Spencer is afraid if he tells anyone, the next thing that will happen will be the death of his daughter, Cindy. They have already killed his son. But Spencer can't seem to move fast enough for the voice on the phone. Peo...
Without a Trace
In a small Indiana town, young girls are disappearing, vanishing without a trace. Because there are no bodies, the powers that be don't agree that any crimes have been committed, perhaps they just left home? Seasoned police detective, Rex Thomas is not convinced that the girls, all students at the same university with everything going for them, would suddenly just leave without telling anyone and not even taking any clothes or belongings with them. ...