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French Revolutions
Tim Moore is lazy and proud of it. His interest in cycling involves watching the Tour de France on television while sitting on the couch drinking beer. Suddenly, in his thirties and totally out of shape, Moore decides to ride the Tour de France. He feels some of the agony that the real riders have to go through in the toughest sporting event of them all. Retracing the route of that year's tour, Moore also gains an insight into the French people and how...
Frost on my Moustache: The Arctic Exploits of a Lord and a Loafer
In the 1990's journalist Tim Moore set out to retrace the 1856 journey of British Lord Dufferin to the Arctic regions. As opposed to Dufferin's adventure, Moore's journey was decidedly unromantic. He crossed the Atlantic to Iceland by freighter and was plagued by seasickness, crossed Iceland by mountain bike in the company of his much-fitter brother-in-law, visited Norway and flew to Spitsbergen, and managed to find humour in all his misadventures....