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Going After Cacciato
Paul Berlin, a young mid-westerner drafted into the Vietnam War in the late 1960's, deals with the psychological trauma of the war by concocting a series of surrealist fantasies surrounding a chase after Cacciato, a soldier in his squad who has gone AWOL. Paul is a coward. He believes this about himself, and every action he takes seems to reaffirm this belief. We first meet Paul and his platoon after a series of horrific, and senseless, deaths have taken...
In The Lake of The Woods
In The Lake Of The Woods by Tim O'Brien tells the story of the disintegrating marriage of John and Kathy Wade, living in isolated Lake Of The Woods, Minnesota. John is a politician who lost in a landslide after secrets of his past in Vietnam are revealed to the public. One day John wakes up and finds Kathy missing. John is the main suspect, despite the lack of evidence. The book sets about to solve the mystery of Kathy's diappearance and divulge the ...
The Things They Carried
The Things They Carried is an introspective look at Vietnam by Tim O'Brien. O'Brien hops back and forth between the period during which he was a soldier in Vietnam and the present. The book is filled with many interwoven anecdotes about Vietnam, it's aftermath, and the effect it had on the soldiers there. ...
Tomcat In Love
O'Brien, author of an excellent series of novels, from _Going After Cacciato_ and _The Nuclear Age_ to _In the Lake of the Woods_, presents the hilarious comic tale of a linguistics professor who is fascinated by young women, craves vengeance on his ex-wife, and fears the revenge of former Vietnam comrades he screwed overseas. Thomas Chippering is a lying, narcissistic, self-deluding charmer who is fascinated with words and tells his story with terrific ...

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