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Declare (Science Fiction)
Set in the early 1940s and 1960s, it is the story of a young Englishman who can see djinns and how various governments are trying to harness their powers as weapons....
Declare (Thriller/Action)
Morrow, Jan 2001, 528 pp. ISBN: 0380976528 It was probably ordained form the day Andrew Hale was born, an event shrouded in mystery, that he would ultimately join His Majesty's Secret Service in the war against Hitler. As a child, his mother introduced Andrew to his “Godfather”, who was in the business. Andrew took to the world of espionage as few ever have. He even fooled the Soviets into recruiting him. If the perfect spy had an weaknes...
Last Call
One son of an evil mystical King (who killed off Bugsy Siegel for the throne decades earlier) escapes from his clutches and avoids being "eaten" like Saturn's children, but winds up losing his body to his father years later in a very weird poker game. The lien thus placed on his life takes a few years to come due, but when it does, Scott Crane decides to fight it and see if he can't, himself, become the King....
On Stranger Tides
This is a book about a man named John Chandagnac, who after the death of his father a (puppeteer in Europe) has traveled to the new world to confront an (until recently)unknown uncle who has seemed to made off with the family inheritence. On the journey he gets to know a young woman named Beth Hurwood and her father an Oxford Professor. A day from port their ship is waylaid by pirates, and with the apparent help of the professor and his assistant, the sh...

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The Anubis Gates
Poor Brendan Doyle, originally summoned to accompany a time travelling expedition as an expert on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, whose lecture a group of the very cream of well-to-do of 20th century English speaking society plans to attend. He no sooner goes back in time with them than he is lost in time, in space and eventually in body - for he does not end the novel in the same physique, under the same name, or in the same century in which he begins. Thro...

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