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Black Lion's Bride
Ivy, May 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0804119635 In 1192 in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, a small person sneaks into the camp of King Richard and his fellow crusaders. The individual quietly creeps closer to the unguarded tent of the Lionhearted when Sebastian of Montbourne notices the sly movements. He intercepts the assassin saving Richard's life but takes a near fatal stab wound while the slippery foe escapes into the night. Zahirah, daughter of ...
Heart of the Hunter (Romance)
Ariana of Clairmont is determined to save her brother's life.. His ransom is the fabled key to a legendary treasure --- the Dragon's Chalice. But the journey will be perilous, treacherously dangerous, and dark magic will try to strike at her from all sides. Her only hope in making it safely to where her brother is being held captive is to seek the help of the merciless bounty hunter Braedon le Chasseur. Braedon struggles with an inner conflict. He a...
Heart of the Hunter (Science Fiction)
Ivy, Jun 2004, 6.99 ISBN: 0345459946 The magical kingdom of Anavrin is separated from the outside world by a veil. When the queen gives birth, the king's sister goes to the sacred well to fill the Dragon Chalice with water as part of a ceremony. She overhears a man crying for help on the other side of the veil so she crosses leaving the sacred cup on her side. She takes the injured man across the veil. Later when she learns that her brother w...
Lady of Valor
Cabal, known as Blackheart, has been told by King Richard to protect the castle hold of Fallonmour and the widow, Emmalyn, until he decides what he wants done with the land and the widow. Emmalyn is upset when Cabal shows up and starts taking over. She had been looking after everyone in her husband's absence warring with King Richard. Now that he is dead, she fears being sent away from Fallonmour. Fallonmour is at risk when John plots to take over E...

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White Lion's Lady
Ivy, Jul 2001, 6.50, 320 pp. ISBN: 0804119627 Several years ago in England, King Henry II accused and executed several lords including the father of eighteen year old Isabel de Lamere for rebellion against the throne. Everything the nobles owned became forfeited to the crown, which meant that Isabel and her younger sister were now illegitimate. Their humiliated mother returned to France until word reached Isabel that she died. In 118...

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