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Black Water
Pinnacle, Oct 2003, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN 0786015578 Little Horse Key is an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Mexico where psychic Mira Morales and her thirteen-year-old daughter like to picnic. One day a man in a cast lands on the island, claiming his boat is broken. When Mira goes to help him, he knocks her out and takes Annie into a strange black mist in the ocean where anything electrical or magnetic doesn't work. When they emerge from that...
The Other Extreme
Kensington, Dec 2001, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN 078601322 Jay Hutchin is a circuit court judge assigned to the criminal division of Tango County in the Florida Keys. He dresses right, makes the right kind of marriage, goes to society social events to see and be seen by the elite, and acts like a man who is totally in charge of his life. That is a false image because Jay is totally obsessed by Hollywood actress Diane Jackson, who is buying property...
Total Silence
Pinnacle, Oct 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN 0786015586 Mira Morales is a psychic as is her mother and her daughter Annie. Mother and daughter are vacationing in Asheville, North Carolina with Mira's fiancÚ FBI Agent Shep. Mira has a cold that stuffs up her psychic senses, which leaves her helpless when a woman carrying a gun kidnaps her and shoots at her when she tries to get away. The killer, Allie Curry, also killed five people who were on the pr...