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In Pharaoh's Army: Memories of the Lost War
Wolff, the future author of This Boy's Life, barely finished high school and skipped a summer job on a Coast and Geodetic Survey ship to enlist in the Army at 18. He went to paratroopers jump school and, despite being lazy and a rebel, managed to get an officer's commission because he had what they call "command presence." Just before, during, and after his service, he visited his estranged father, an inveterate liar and con artist from whom the boy had ...
Old School
The narrator, whose name is never given, is a scholarship student at an unnamed New England all male prep school in 1960-61. The school's primary emphasis is literature. Each year, three famous writers come to the school. The students, including the narrator, compete for a chance to have a private conversation with each visiting writer. The competition consists of writing a story or poem. The best one wins. Robert Frost, Ayn Rand and Ernest Hemingway are...
This Boy's Life: A Memoir
Tobias Wolff tells the story of his teenage years. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mother. Toby and his mother have a deep bond, and he travels with her across the country. He gets himself into a lot of trouble, but finally comes out on top....