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Deadly Kin
Viking, Sept 2003, 22.95, 258 pp. ISBN 0670032484 He is suave, sexy and sweet but that doesn't stop his significant other from dumping him with no explanation after two years together. So when Laurie ask Will Buchanan to escort her niece to Zealand Falls in the New Hampshire White Mountains so she can meet her brother Josh who is hiking the Appalachian trail, he agrees to do it hoping this is the first stop towards a reconciliation. When the ...
Mountain Peril
Viking, April 2005, 24.95, 274 pp. ISBN 0670033863 Climbers love to challenge New Hampshire's Mount Washington, New England's tallest mountain. When they get in trouble a search and rescue is mounted; one of the volunteers is high school teacher Will Buchanan. When it is thought a boy is lost on the mountain Will and others in SAR go looking for him but instead find the body of a dead woman. A month ago another woman was also murdered in rough...
Tracked in the Whites
Will Buchanan is a natural history teacher in a small private high school in New Hampshire. While taking a group of kids out on a camp-out, one of them disappears. Will is suspected. Will knows the new teacher is somehow involved, but local investigators don't believe him. Somehow he has to find the truth before he ends up in jail for life....