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Bird of Prey
Pocket, March 2004, 6.99, 354 pp. ISBN 0743453262 The Chinese launch the Shenzou 7 spaceship with a private corporation paying them to launch a commercial satellite into orbit. C.J. Skye of Skye Aerospace destroys the spaceship using a laser beam that is on the Zeus 1 satellite that she launched years ago. C.J. wants to be the one who gets the jobs of launching commercial satellites into orbit and she will not hesitate to kill the competition w...
Twisted Web
Pocket, Apr 2003, 6.99, 400pp. ISBN: 0743463749 Killkenny travels by air to the Lake Vostok research center in Antarctica. Scientists are elated over discovering new life in this isolated ecosystem more inclusive than any other found on the planet. Killkenny tests some new equipment so he sky dives, but seconds after leaving the plane, a surface to air missile destroys the transporter. Killkenny lands safely and manages to disrupt the terrorist...