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Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth
Novel, Aug 2002, 169 pp. ISBN: 159050359 Trying to prove her theory that an ancient civilization employed technology matching modern times (1930s), archeologist Odette-Aimee St. Claire explores ruins in Nigeria. She enters a gloomy room with a black obsidian wall when a cobra attacks her. Odette falls through the wall. Accused of stealing money that he did not take, Aaron Jamison decides to flee into the jungle in search of the missing Odett...
Savage Land of Jur
Novel, 2002, 165 pp. ISBN: 1591050766 While searching ancient ruins in Africa, twentieth century French archeologist Odette St. Clair falls through a time portal landing 65 million years before during the Jurassic Period. American Aaron “Ron” Jamison trying to find her follows her through the time portal. They share an adventure, fall in love, and are married by the elderly native Avo. Together, Odette and Ron seek the Ancient Ones, praying ...