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Blink of an Eye
Intrigue, Jan 2004, 24.95, 254 pp. ISBN 1890768537 While studying at Harvard to be a lawyer, Grant Sutherland also worked in the homicide division in Boston. One night a young man came at him with what Grant thought was a gun and the homicide detective killed him. Grant later found out it was a knife and he has had trouble living with the guilt. After he obtained his degree, he accepted a job in Paris as a field agent for the U.S. embassy Lega...
Katie's Gold
Intrigue Press, June 2003, 24.95, 253 pp. ISBN 1890768480 When Pam Livingston, Chuck Ovens and Nora Ryan lured historian Paul Fischer to Jacksonville, Oregon, he thought they wanted him to write a biography of Doctor Hollingsworth. Instead, the trio hoped that Paul would find proof that Pam was Kate Baker's granddaughter and heir to a vast fortune. Although Paul found the proof, he never gave it to them. Although Paul thought he whole incid...